WBTIC Online Learning Timeline

WBTIC Online Learning Timeline
1994 1994: WBTIC displayed in Mozaic Netscape browser version 0.9 Beta
  • Text documents hyperlinked and published online as "tutorials".
  • Websites increase from about 700 at start of year to over 10,000 by year end.
  • Netscape's first browser.
  • W3C founded.
  • Yahoo! first appears.
  • December 1994 - The WBTIC was the first site on the Internet promoting its use for training. Tim Kilby coins term "Web-based training" (WBT).
1995 1995: WBTIC displayed in Netscape 1.1 browser
  • Microsoft introduces Internet Explorer browser.
  • Sun launches the Java programming language.
  • Amazon.com pioneers the commercialization of the Internet.
  • A few other WBT specific sites appear in 1995.
1996 1996: WBTIC displayed in Internet Explorer 3.02 browser
  • The WBTIC changes its user interface and adds content. Visitation to the site increases by 500% during year. The site conducts its first online survey, the WBTIC 1996 Training Survey.
  • eBay begins operation.
  • WBTIC wins "Activate the Internet" award from Microsoft.
  • "Browser wars" heat up.
  • WBT courses can be accessed on the Internet for a price.
1997 1997: WBTIC displayed in Netscape 4.78 browser
  • The WBTIC gets a major upgrade in content and includes new surveys and discussion forums.
  • 1,600,000 websites on Internet.
  • WBTIC registers the domain names WEBBASEDTRAINING.COM and FILENAME.COM.
  • InfoWorld (11/10/97): "Measured in Web years, [WBTIC] has been around forever."
  • IMS Global Learning Consortium and the U.S. Department of Defense's Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative begin work on distributed learning standards.
  • E-commerce takes off.
  • Research company IDC predicts WBT business at $1.86 billion by end of 2000.
  • 9.5 million websites on Internet, over 5 million domain names registered.
  • AICC publishes version 3 of its CMI Guidelines for Interoperability
  • IDC predicts e-learning business at $15 billion by end of 2002.
  • Estimated 1 billion web pages, 10 million domain names registered.
  • ADL Initiative releases SCORM version 1.0.
  • Microsoft releases .NET framework, web services take off.
2002 2002: WBTIC displayed in Opera 6 browser
  • The WBTIC adapts to new technology and conforms to latest standards. Substantial content changes and additions.
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