Advantages and Disadvantages

Web-based training may be compared to current implementations of computer-based training (CBT) in quality of training outcomes. But what advantage would a training vendor have in establishing a web training site versus producing a CD-ROM or client/server-based training system? What considerations would favor CBT over WBT? Let’s look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of WBT.


  • easy delivery of training to users
  • opportunities for group training (asynchronous and synchronous) as well as individual training
  • multi-platform capabilities (Windows, Mac, UNIX, PDA, phone, other wireless devices)
  • easy updating of content
  • quicker turnaround of finished product
  • requires less technical support
  • billing options by user ID, number of accesses, date/time of access
  • access is controllable
  • options for installations on private networks for security or greater bandwidth
  • options to link with other training systems
  • multitasking capability suitable for electronic performance support systems (EPSS)
  • vast market for distributed training
  • growing level of acceptance


  • bandwidth/browser limitations may restrict instructional methodologies
  • limited bandwidth means slower performance for sound, video, and intense graphics
  • someone must provide server access, control usage, bill users


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